The Unattached Sovereign Chapters of Western Australia

Western Austalia contains two Sovereign Chapters which are not attached to any provinces and as such are directly administered by the Supreme Council.

Sovereign Chapters

Eastern Goldfields No. 61 - Formed on 22 October 1935
Meets in Masonic Hall, Egan Street, Kalgoorlie, on the fourth Wednesday in February and on the first Wednesday in August, November, and the fourth Saturday in May.

The Installation takes place during the May meeting.

Inglewood No. 111 - Formed on 30 October 1974
Meets in Masonic Hall. Carrington Street, Inglewood. on the second Thursday in March, June, September and December.

The Installation takes place during the June meeting.

Sovereign Councils

There are No Sovereign Councils in this Province/Area


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