The Province of Scotland West

The West of Scotland Province is governed by Deputy - V∴Ill∴ Bro. Alexander McMillan 33°.

This Province consists of three Sovereign Chapters and two Sovereign Councils.

Annual Report and Upcoming Kalendar

Scotland - West
Deputy V∴Ill∴Bro. Alexander McMillan 33°

This has been another highly successful, and very enjoyable, year in the Province.                                    
A total of 21 meetings were held, 12 in the Sovereign Chapters, and 9 in the Sovereign Councils. All were well attended, with each Installation ceremony being a highlight.It is such a great pleasure to see every seat taken, which happens quite regularly.                                                                                                                                                     

 31 new members were Perfected in the eighteenth degree, and the same number were promoted to the thirtieth degree.                                                                                                                                            

The quality of the ritual work was of a very high standard.                                                                                       

My congratulations are extended to promotees Charlie Stewart, John McGregor & Alan Cuthill (all 31*), and Joe McCrea (32*).                                                                                                                             

I would like to thank them for the valued contributions they have made to the Rite.                            

We now have about 675 members of the 18*, and 470 members of the 30* (and above), thus making it the largest Province.     
Glasgow Sovereign Council is unique in having three feeder Sovereign Chapters supplying candidates from Glasgow, Lennox and Stewart Lochrie Sovereign Chapters.                                                              

 In my Report last year I wrote that there had been a noticeable increase in Overseas visitors to some of our meetings.This year, at the October meetings of Glasgow Sovereign Council and Chapter, held on consecutive nights, we had a very welcome visit from seven German members of the Rite, holding various degrees from 30* to 33*.  All suitably vouched, of course. They seemed to enjoy themselves very much, and have remained in contact since.       Somewhat amusingly, their luggage only arrived in Glasgow on the day they were leaving to go home.                                                                                                                                                                

Sadly, 21 members died, and 13 opted to become Non-Active. A significant number of them gave long and valued service, including Ewan Murray, John Ewart and Ian Will.                                  
James K Borland 33* was a member of Supreme Council from 1986-88. He lived in Hamilton, and joined Glasgow Sovereign Chapter in 1965.We also lost my good friend Peter McGill, 32*. Like me, Peter was a member of Glasgow Sovereign Chapter and Council, and a Founder member of Lennox. He was my predecessor as MWS, where he served for two years.He bore his physical disability with great fortitude. He was my travelling companion on many occasions, and had a marvelous sense of humour. From the outset he applied his Tailoring skills to make Lennox Sovereign Chapter the attractive set of apartments that it is.He enjoyed nothing better than sourcing new and better furnishings and paraphernalia.This, of course, will be his legacy.                                                                                                             

Again, my thanks to the staff in Edinburgh for their unstinting help and support, including GSG.     Also, wishing Fiona a complete recovery from her injuries.


Sovereign Chapters

Glasgow No. 11 - Formed on 13 January 1880
Meets in The Trades Hall, Glassford Street, Glasgow, on the first Friday of October and the third Friday November, January, February and March.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Lanarkshire No. 172 - Formed on 23 March 1977
Meets in the Masonic Temple, 104 Cadzow Street, Hamilton, on the third Friday in September, October, December and February.

The Annual Installation takes place in October.

Lennox No. 200 - Formed on 26 March 1986
Meets in Masonic Temple, Church Street, Dumbarton, on the second Tuesday in September, October, March and April.

The Annual Installation takes place in April.

Sovereign Councils

Glasgow No. 43 - Formed on 23 March 1976
Meets in the Trades House, Glasgow, on the first Thursday in October, November, February and April.

The Annual Installation takes place in April.

Lanarkshire No. 75 - Formed 24 October 1990
Meets at Hamilton, Lanarkshire on third Thursday of November, January, March and April.

The Annual Installation takes place in April.

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