The Province of Scotland West

The West of Scotland Province is governed by Deputy - V∴Ill∴ Bro. Alexander McMillan 33°.

This Province consists of three Sovereign Chapters and two Sovereign Councils.

Annual Report and Upcoming Kalendar

Scotland - West
(2 Sovereign Councils 30° and 3 Sovereign Chapters 18°
Deputy V∴Ill∴Bro. Alexander McMillan 33°)

In the West, it was with great sadness that we learned of the very recent passing of Most Illustrious Brother Bill Fleming 33°, Past Grand Secretary General. He was one of us.
Bill joined the Scottish Rite in 1971, and was our longest serving member, with 46 years service.
As such, he was the "Father" of both Glasgow Sovereign Chapter and Council, as well as a Founder member of Lennox. We will miss him greatly. ( A full Obituary is included in the Annual Reporter).
Three other notable members lost to us in the past year are Allister Black 32°, Robert Wilson 32°, and George McEwan 31°. Like Bill, George was also a well beloved Past PGM of Glasgow.
The Rite is very much thriving in this Province with all meetings very well attended.
It has been another very successful year.
There is no greater pleasure than entering Trades House in Glasgow with attendances close to 200, in such magnificent surroundings. It truly creates a wonderful atmosphere.
All five Installation meetings were quite special events with groups of enthusiastic office-bearers, plus MWS's & Grand Commanders, being Installed, and settling into their new positions.
Glasgow Sovereign Council is unique in having three large Chapters feeding promotees into it.
The Xmas Carol degree meeting at Lanarkshire Sovereign Chapter is always keenly anticipated, and packed to capacity. Being held in mid-December, it works magnificently to help get us into the Festive spirit.
Apart from all else, Lennox No. 200 has gained a growing reputation for the very high standard of it's furnishings and paraphernalia. The standard of ritual work throughout the Province is first-class.
I also detect a small but gradually growing number of visitors from Overseas, as well as all the usual many visitors pan-Scotland.
Of course, we always ensure that all such visitors from other Constitutions are properly vetted and vouched, and observe all the appropriate protocols, and nicities. They are then made most welcome. Congratulations are due to Graeme Smith, John McCormack, and Alasdair McRae on being promoted to the 31°.
I am extremely grateful to each of the Secretaries and Treasurers for all the hard work they do throughout the year, much of which goes un-noticed.
Each Chapter/Council is on a sound financial footing, and Charitable donations remain at a good level.
As ever, I am deeply indebted to the ladies in the office at Edinburgh (Fiona, Jennifer & Sheena) for all the help and assistance so willingly given. Also, GSG for his support and guidance.
It is amazing to realise that already this is my fourth Annual Report. 







Sovereign Chapters

Glasgow No. 11 - Formed on 13 January 1880
Meets in The Trades Hall, Glassford Street, Glasgow, G1 1UH on the first Friday of October and the third Friday November, January, February and March.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Lanarkshire No. 172 - Formed on 23 March 1977
Meets in the Masonic Temple, 104 Cadzow Street, Hamilton, ML3 6HP on the third Friday in September, October, December and February.

The Annual Installation takes place in October.

Lennox No. 200 - Formed on 26 March 1986
Meets in Masonic Temple, Church Street, Dumbarton, G82 1QL on the second Tuesday in September, October, March and April.

The Annual Installation takes place in April.

Sovereign Councils

Glasgow No. 43 - Formed on 23 March 1976
Meets in the Trades Hall, Glasgow, G1 1UH on the first Thursday in October, November, February and April.

The Annual Installation takes place in April.

Lanarkshire No. 75 - Formed 24 October 1990
Meets at Masonic Temple, 104 Cadzow Street, Hamilton, Lanarkshire ML3 6HP on third Thursday of November, January, March and April.

The Annual Installation takes place in April.

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