The Province of Scotland South West

The South West of Scotland Province is governed by Deputy - V∴Ill∴Bro. Robert Redmond 33°

This Province consists of three Sovereign Chapters and two Sovereign Councils.

Annual Report and Upcoming Kalendar

Scotland South West

Deputy VIll Bro. Robert Redmond 33˚

On submitting my Annual Report on the past year’s activities I am reminded that I am so fortunate to have the excellent support from the Sovereign Councils and Sovereign Chapters within the area of my supervision.   I attended all stated meetings within my Province and was warmly and cordially received at each and every one.

The meetings, all extremely well attended, filled one with a great sense of pride and it bodes well for the future.   One of the many excellent attributes arising from this is the thousands of pounds raised for local children’s charities which are dispersed every year to local areas.   It is good that the general public at times, be made aware of the charitable giving.

The past year has seen the passing of a few of our members and, with no disrespect to others, I mention the sad loss of IllBro. John R.S.Keith 31˚ PMWS. Secretary of Stewart Lochrie Sovereign Chapter No. 197 – a lovely man who gave of his best.   Our thoughts are with all the affected loved ones whose loss is greatest.

Well done to the Brethren who visit regularly and support, promote and spread the fellowship that these orders are famed for.   Keep up the good work.

The Ritual work in both Orders is of a high standard and with continued dedication and guidance may it continue to be so.   The future, at present, looks extremely good with many suitable prospective candidates in the pipeline.

May I take the opportunity to congratulate our promoted Brethren with particular emphasis on the promotion of MIllBro. D.H.Thomson 33˚ to Grand Sword Bearer, Supreme Council and VIllBro. W.K. Braithwaite 33˚ as Deputy for Scotland, South East.   Well done and well merited.

Sadly and yet happy that he is still fit to come among us is the retirement of M IllGrand Chancellor Hugh Bryson 33˚ Supreme Council.   A wise counsel ever ready to assist the needy and promote all that is good in the Scottish Rite.

A big thank you to all those Brethren who give of their time and efforts to prepare our Councils and Chapters for the meetings and are there to dispense greetings and light refreshments to the Brethren prior to the meetings commencing.

My grateful thanks to the Secretaries and Treasurers of my Councils and Chapters who continue to display the excellent commitment which is necessary to allow us to flourish successfully in promoting these excellent Orders.

In conclusion, I tender my sincere and grateful thanks to our Grand Secretary General, Most∴Ill∴Bro. Alexander Galbraith and Office Manager Fiona Hoggarth for the help and support freely given.










Sovereign Chapters

Ayr No. 20 - Formed on 1 April 1898 (Dormant 1906, Re-opened 17 October 1969)
Meets in Masonic Temple. 26 Fullarton Street. Ayr. on the second Tuesday in October, December, February, March and second Friday in April.

The Annual Installation takes place in April.

Dumfries No. 187 - Formed on 25 March 1981
Meets in the Assembly Rooms, George Street, Dumfries, on the second Monday in October, November, December, February and March.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Stewart Lochrie No. 197 - Formed on 26 June 1985
Meets in The Masonic Temple, Queen Street, Renfrew, on the second Wednesday in September, October, January, February and March.

The Annual Installation takes place in February.

Sovereign Councils

Ayr No. 68 - Formed on 28 October 1987
Meets in Masonic Temple, 26 Fullarton Street, Ayr on third Tuesday in September, November, January and March.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Solway No. 80 - Formed 26 March 1997
Meets in Masonic Temple, Lockerbie on the 4th Friday in September, October, January and March.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

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