The Province of Scotland North

The North of Scotland Province is governed by Deputy - V∴Ill∴ Bro. RBB Henderson 33°.

This Province consists of two Sovereign Chapters and two Sovereign Councils.

Annual Report and Upcoming Kalendar

Scotland North
Deputy V Ill Bro RBB Henderson 33°

I am once again greatly honoured and privileged to be able to submit my report to all the membership of this our Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, on the activities within the Province of Scotland North.
During the period covered by this report I have where possible attended all Meetings of the two Chapters and two Councils and have on every occasion been greeted and warmly welcomed by the Office Bearers and Members.

Due to the inclement weather brought about by the "Beast from the East" in early March 2018 I, like the Supreme Council Members had to call off on the Thursday morning which meant that the Installation Meeting of the Inverness Sovereign Chapter No 55 had to be cancelled. Thankfully this Installation has now been rescheduled. I attended the Installation Meetings of the Caithness Sovereign Chapter No 167 and the Northern Sovereign Council No 44 and ensured where possible that the Installations were carried out. Along with the Members of Supreme Council I participated in Highland Sovereign Council No 44 Installation Meeting and I express my sincere thanks for being allowed to assist in the Installation Ceremony, I along with all the Members of the Province extend our thanks to the Members of the Supreme Council and other visitors who made the effort to be present on each occasion.

In moving forward through the year it will allow most of the Principal Office Bearers of the Councils and Chapters within the Province to take a well-earned rest, but during this dormant period it will allow those Office Bearers to study the "workings" of their respective Office so that they will be thoroughly competent in discharging the duties of that Office. Alas the Secretary and Treasurer of both the Councils and Chapters may not be able to enjoy any prolonged period of rest as they will still have numerous duties to perform to ensure that the Councils and Chapters are compliant with all the necessary paperwork.

As in previous years I have broken the two Councils and two Chapters which form the Province of Scotland North into two areas namely "Caithness" and "Inverness".
The attendees at the Chapter and Council Meetings in the "Caithness" area remains at a very high level which allows generous "Alms" to be collected at each meeting and subsequent donations to recommended "Charities". The Installed Office Bearers are to be congratulated in continuing to deliver the Ritual and carry out the duties of their Offices in a thoroughly competent manner.

The attendees at the Chapter and Council Meetings in the "Inverness" area other than the Installation Meeting can only be described as poor and the Standing Committee of both the Chapter and the Council are reviewing why this may be.

The Installed Office Bearers have been reminded that they need to make a greater effort in memorising, rehearsing and delivering the Ritual to allow the duties of their Offices to be discharged in a more competent manner. The Standing Committee of both the Chapter and the Council have already commenced the task of carrying out a full review over the summer months to ensure that both Orders are compliant with the Constitution and Laws and the respective Bye-Laws.

It is very pleasing to note that the Most Wise Sovereigns, Grand Commanders, Secretaries, Treasurers and Office Bearers while in their respective Offices continue to express their fealty and commitment to the Scottish Rite.

May I congratulate all the Members within the Province who Supreme Council have bestowed promotion upon, I wish them best wishes and continual enjoyment within the Scottish Rite, congratulations are also extended to M :. Ill:. Bro. David M Thomson, 33° on his appointment as a Member of Supreme Council in the capacity of Grand Sword Bearer.

Once again I have to report with great sadness that a number of long time and faithful members of both Chapter(s) and Council(s) have been called to the Grand Supreme Council above, I extend my condolences to the families and friends of those left behind.

In coming to a close in preparing this report I thank M: . Ill:. Bro. Alex Galbraith 33°, Grand Secretary General, Fiona and Jemma (but not forgetting Sheena for standing in a short notice due to Fiona being incapacitated) who all work so tirelessly in the Supreme Council Office, for their help, guidance and support over the last year.   

Sovereign Chapters

Inverness No. 55 - Formed on 18 October 1933
Meets in 5 Gordon Terrace, Inverness. on the first Thursday in October, November, December, February and March.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Castletown Caithness No. 167 - Formed on 30 October 1974
Meets at Castletown Masonic Hall, Caithness, on the first Friday in the months of October, November and March and last Friday in January.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Sovereign Councils

Highland No. 44 - Formed on 27 October 1976
Meets in Masonic Temple, Gordon Terrace, Inverness, in September, November, February and March.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Northern No. 66 - Formed 26 June 1986
Meets in The Masonic Temple, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, on the first Saturday following the October meeting of the Caithness Sovereign Chapter No. 167, the Saturday following the last Friday in January. First Saturday in March. Provided always that this will be the Saturday following the Friday upon which the installation of Caithness Sovereign Chapter No. 167 is held.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

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