The Province of Scotland North

The North of Scotland Province is governed by Deputy - V∴Ill∴ Bro. RBB Henderson 33°.

This Province consists of two Sovereign Chapters and two Sovereign Councils.

Annual Report and Upcoming Kalendar

Scotland North
Deputy V
IllBro. RBB Henderson 33°

Once again, I present my report to all Members of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR) on the activities which have taken place in the Province of Scotland North.

Apart from one Chapter Meeting I have managed to attend all other AASR meetings held within the Province and on each occasion, I have been very warmly welcomed by the Office Bearers and Members.
The Installations of the Chapters and Councils were carried out by the appointed Members of Supreme Council and I thank them for allowing me to assist them in the Installation Ceremony, I would also thank those Members of the AASR who travel the length and breadth of Scotland and form part of the “Highland Safari”, they are a credit to themselves and the AASR and their company at Installation Meetings is greatly appreciated in the Province of Scotland North “haste ye back”.
It is to be hoped that during the summer recess that all floor working Office Bearers make themselves familiar with the duties of their respective Offices so that they are “ready and word perfect” at the start of the new season thus ensuring that acceptable standards are maintained, and that the Secretary and Treasurer are not overworked during this time.
As in previous years I have broken the two Councils and two Chapters which form the Province of Scotland North into two areas namely "Caithness" and "Inverness".
The Office Bearers involved at Chapter and Council Meetings in the "Caithness” area continue to perform their duties to a very high standard and the generosity of all the Members at the “Alms” collection is simply outstanding resulting in multiple and very generous donations being made to various “Charities”.
The reviews carried out by the Standing Committee(s) of the Chapter and Council in the "Inverness" area were successfully completed, and assurances have now been received that all “business” associated with the Chapter and Council will be in strict accordance with the Constitution and Laws and the Bye-Laws. Evidence of improvement is already being seen, in the manner in which the “business” is being carried out in both the Chapter and Council, and while there has been a marked improvement in the standard of presenting and working the 18th Degree, it is hoped that similar standards will be achieved in presenting and working the 30th Degree in the coming session.

The fealty of the Chapter(s) and Council(s) continues to be expressed when attending any Meetings.
I congratulate all those Members who have been promoted by Supreme Council throughout the past year, I wish them a long and happy association with the
Again, it is with sadness that I report that a number of faithful members of both Chapter(s) and Council(s) have been called to the Grand Supreme Council above and I extend my heartfelt sympathies to those who mourn their passing.

Finally, I would like to thank Ill Bro. Alex Galbraith 33°, Grand Secretary General, Fiona and Jemma who work so tirelessly in the Supreme Council Office, for their ever-ready assistance throughout the year.

Sovereign Chapters

Inverness No. 55 - Formed on 18 October 1933
Meets in Masonic Temple, 5 Gordon Terrace, Inverness on the first Thursday in October, November, December, February and March [I].

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Caithness No. 167 - Formed on 30 October 1974
Meets at Castletown Masonic Hall, Caithness on the first Friday in October, November and March [I] and last Friday in January.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Sovereign Councils

Highland No. 44 - Formed on 27 October 1976
Meets in Masonic Temple, 5 Gordon Terrace, Inverness on the second Saturday in February and the fourth Saturday in November and March [I].

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

Northern No. 66 - Formed 26 June 1986
Meets in The Masonic Temple, Wick, Caithness on the first Saturday following the October and November meetings of the Caithness Sovereign Chapter No. 167, the Saturday following the last Friday in January, the first Saturday in March [I]. Provided always that this will be the Saturday following the Friday upon which the installation of Caithness Sovereign Chapter No. 167 is held.

The Annual Installation takes place in March.

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