Details of the Sovereign Chapters and Councils of the A&ASR in the Far East

The Supreme Council for Thirty-Third and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Scotland and the Dominions and Dependencies of the British Crown and other Parts of the World oversees the twenty nine Degrees of the Scottish Rite.

The Province of the Far East

The Province of the Far East consists of two 18° Degree Sovereign Chapters and the one 30° Degree Sovereign Council.

Sovereign Chapters

Phoenix No. 17 - Formed on 21 December 1894

Meets in Zetland Hall Kennedv Road. Hong Kong, on the fourth Tuesday in February, March, October and November.

The Installation takes place during the February meeting.

Hong Kong No. 240 - Formed on 1 July 1998

Meets at Zetland Hall. 1 Kennedy Road, Hong Kong, China. on third Monday in June, July and fourth Monday in August.

The Installation takes place during the June meeting.

Sovereign Councils

Robert Lindsay No. 30 - Formed on 1 December 1966
Meets in Zetland Hall, Kennedy Road, Hong Kong, on first Friday in March, July and November.

The Installation takes place during the March meeting.

Far East
(1 Sovereign Council 30° and 2 Sovereign Chapters 18°,
Deputy V∴Ill∴Bro. John L. Morris 33°)
It is with great pleasure that I submit my Annual Report for the year under review. The Sovereign Council and Chapters in the Province of the Far East have once again enjoyed a very successful year. I attended all the meetings held during the year and am pleased to report that the ritual has continued to be of a very high standard much to the benefit of the candidates.
It was particularly heartening to see virtually full attendances by the Office-bearers as well as fine turn outs by members. On the administration side the Province has once again been well served by the Provincial Secretary, Ill∴Bro. Michael B. Broom 31°, and the Secretaries and
Treasurers of the Sovereign Chapters.
As over the previous few years, close contact has continued with our Sister Constitution and in particular with my counter-part, V∴Ill∴Bro. Paul R. Whitmore 33°, the Inspector General for Hong Kong, resulting in us or our representatives attending each other's installation ceremonies
and ensuring that cross visits at regular meetings have been maintained.
All in all it has been a very fruitful and successful year due, in no small way, to the zealous and wholehearted support of the members of the Province.
Finally, on behalf of the Province of the Far East I send greetings to the M∴P∴Sovereign Grand Commander and all members of Supreme Council. I would also like to express my appreciation to the very efficient assistance given by the Grand Secretary General and his staff.

About the Far East

The Far East is an English term mostly describing East Asia (including the Russian Far East) and South East Asia, with South Asia sometimes also included for economic and cultural reasons.

The term came into use in European geopolitical discourse in the 19th century, denoting East Asia as the "farthest" of the three "easts", beyond the Near East and the Middle East.

 From the 1960s onward, terms like East Asia and the Orient had become more common. East Asia remains the common term for the region today.


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